Armenian Wood and Turquoise
Armenian Turquoise and
Garnet Pendant with
Armenian Jade with Rose
Quartz and Czech glass
Armenian Carnelian with Smoky Topaz,
Freshwater Pearl, and Mississippi Brain
Coral Pendant Necklace
Armenian Agate
Necklace and Earrings
Armenian Jasper with
Labradorite and Freshwater
Armenian wood with Amber
Armenian Black Agate and
Jasper Pendant with
Amber Necklace
Armenian Marble and Agate
pendant necklace, bracelet
and earrings
Armenian Turquoise and Agate Pendant
with Serpentine
Armenian Rhodonite
Pendant with Rose
Quartz, Freshwater Pearl,
and Smoky Topaz
Armenian Turquoise
Pendant with Aquamarine
Armenian Obsidian with
Jasper Pendant
Armenian Agate with Iolite Necklace
Armenian Onyx with
Handblown Glass
Pendant Necklace
Armenian Onyx with
Freshwater Pearl
Emerald, Sodalite, and
Armenian Agate Pendant
Armenian Obsidian and Agate Necklace

Other Samples
These are pieces I have sold in the past.  Exact
replicas are not available, but the photos offer
illustrations of the types of stones and designs
that could be adapted for special orders.